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Georgian Business Consulting Media Holding

The first business-focused information-analytical media holding aimed at promotion of Georgian business  

About us

Georgian Business Consulting (GBC) is a media organization working in compliance with modern standards and technologies.

The company provides first hand information which insures exclusiveness of the obtained and disseminated news.

Striving to meet the demands and interests of its audience, the company provides diversified coverage of the events and insures information delivery through state-of-the-arts technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate shaping healthy business information environment.

Our Goal  

Our Goal is to promote popularization of business in Georgia, to help form a healthy image for Georgian business and to speed up its integration into the international economy with the help of introducing new technologies and standards.

Our Success  

Once Georgian business succeeds in integrating into the international system without extra aid and Georgian companies and business climate is attractive for foreign investors, we will consider this as our success.

What we offer (services):

Comprehensive information on Georgian business, news, market research, financial indicators of Georgian companies, tenders, business plans, business proposals, and business catalogues.

Comprehensive information on Georgian economy, its development trends and current events; macroeconomics, financial and labor markets, investments, export-import indicators, analyses of draft laws.

Regional news on economics as well as  news on business performance in the Caucasian countries.

World news on leading companies and new technologies; daily reviews of stock exchanges, world prices and stock indexes.

Ratings, competitions, conferences, researches, comments, official statistics, transport schedules, price lists and GBC analyses.

Georgian Business Consulting  

GBC business information-analytical news agency providing daily updates in Georgian, English and Russian languages.

The Capital, daily economic TV broadcast aired on IMEDI TV Station

The Capital, Monthly business-magazine

The Capital, consulting group providing business presentations, conferences, press conferences, business PR and promotion of brands.


Target Audience 

We target those who play instrumental role in shaping Georgia’s future, those who provides production on a daily basis as a result of their talent and diligence, those who are result-oriented and dedicated.

GBC offers its customers consultations and services to help them become even more successful.

The core of our audience are well-educated people with high or medium salary, who have established goals, know their purpose of life as well as the ways how to achieve those aims. These people are capable to make risk analyses and have knowledge to minimize them. 

GBC covers Georgia’s considerable business audience, thus offering best opportunities for business proposals and advertisements.


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