Tbilisi (GBC) – Three systemic banks have issued 0.6 billion gold pawn loans for Q3/2022. And the portfolio of Liberty Bank is presented with the highest concentration.

The share of loans secured by gold is 7% of Liberty's total portfolio (2.4 billion). In London, the share of Golden pawn in the credit investment of TBC and Bank of Georgia is determined by 1.8%-1.1%.

Pawnshop conditions are almost identical. Currently, the annual rate is 18%.


There are some differences in the gold pawn market, in proportion to the volume, the borrower of a small amount (< GEL 300) is more expensive: instead of 1.5% per month, 2; 2.5% has to be paid.

As of November 16, banks value 1 g of high-quality gold at 130-137 GEL. 900, 916 gold for 125-129 GEL. The price of 1 g of gold of 585 samples is within 80-84 GEL.

Banks by Gold Pawn Shops

 Commercial Banks

Q3/2022 ( GEL)

Liberty Bank

165 898 468

Bank of Georgia

281 187 247

TBC Bank

186 507 836

Source: Commercial Banks