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Education Ministry allows universities to introduce 3-year BA programs...

The Ministry reported that European countries have such 180-credit programs and practice them in the best interests of students.“The 3-year programs will contribute to the implementation of more joint international programs in Georgia. The Ministry actively works in this direction. As a result, with the involvement of all universities, other programs may gradually be amended,” the Ministry said.The Ministry further stated that legislative regulations would be adopted shortly to permit universities to carry out 1-year MA programs.


MFOs’ Market Is Getting Smaller – TOP-10 MFOs’ By Credit Portfolio

Last year, the market was represented by more entities, 36 MFOs with credit investments of 1.574 billion GEL.More than 1/2 of the portfolio, up to 53%, comes from 2 large MFOs, which operate with a different strategy. Rico is focused on pawnshops, Crystal provides both consumer and business loans, as well as MBC.This is the main condition that allows MFO to transform into a microbank. At the moment, MBC and Crystal have submitted license applications to the NBG.After the exit of the mentioned entities from the M/O market, the already small 2.4% share of the credit union in the financial system will further decrease, while the 91.4% share of the banks will increase.A microbank license seeker and a new player pay the license fee at the same rate – GEL 100,000, a MFO license costs GEL 50,000, a commercial bank license costs GEL 200,000.


66% Of Higher Educational Institutions Are Located In Tbilisi

As of the document, at the beginning of the 2023/2024 academic year, 54.3 thousand students were enrolled in Georgian higher education institutions, out of them 32.4 thousand in state universities and 21.9 thousand in private universities. Student admissions increased by 8.4 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.


The number of foreign students up by 22,5%

According to the document, the number of professors in higher education institutions is 11.2 thousand, which is 5.9 percent more compared to the same indicator of the previous year.The chart below shows the number of professors in higher education institutions in 2023/2024 academic year.


Georgian PM: “ambitious, realistic” 4-year plan to “qualitatively stre...

“For this purpose, large investments will be made in the development of road, railway, air, sea transport infrastructure. The state will actively support production development, [and] export growth. Also, the educational system and infrastructure of the country will be fundamentally strengthened”, Kobakhidze said.He added “reforms and changes” were being implemented “in many directions”, which would “directly or indirectly contribute” to the development of business in Georgia and have a “positive impact” on economic progress and business development.Speaking at the event organised by the Business Association of Georgia, Kobakhidze said the Government would need “continuous collaboration” with the business sector to overcome challenges facing the latter.“We will need to coordinate with business so that Government decisions on each of these issues are as rational as possible, and tailored to the interests of business and economic progress. We need new ideas from you in order to further increase the pace of economic development, improve the environment for doing business, and for investing in Georgia”, he said.The Prime Minister promised the Government would “work actively” with the business society to overcome “all challenges” and create the “best possible environment” for business.In comments on the challenges, Kokbakhidze mentioned the lack of a qualified labour force and said changes were needed in education to facilitate related development.


PM says medical community dissatisfied by communication with Health Mi...

According to the PM, he spoke with Zurab Azarashvili in the morning.“I could see problems in terms of management and communication. There was dissatisfaction in the medical community. The example of the Republican Hospital convinced me of such problems. We had an open conversation with the Minister and decided he would resign,” Kobakhidze said.Zurab Azarashvili, Georgian Minister of IDPs, Labor, Health and Social Affairs, resigned on March 1.