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More than 60% of deposits are in foreign currency – Banks’ Rating

The share of USD in foreign currency deposits was 82.09%, and the share of EUR was 16.2% (L/Y - 83.3%; 15.3%). Deposit ratio increased to 42.7% (L/Y - 39.2%).According to the NBG, deposits increased by 243 million in October (+0.58%m.m). However, term deposits decreased by the same amount (-243 million m.m).In October, the average annual weighted market interest rate on term-deposits was 7.74%, including 11.3% on deposits in national currency and 0.96% on deposits in foreign currency. (01.22.2021 - 5.8%; 10.6%: 0.8%). Banks with non-bank deposits (000 GEL) and paid %:


Banks’ Profit exceeds 1.8 BLN

Last year, over 10 months, 1 bank had at a loss. Sanctioned VTB was positioned among TOP-4 profitable banks. As of November 1, this year, the loss of the subsidiary of the Russian bank exceeds 70 million GEL.As of November 1 (01.11.2022), 11 banks have a profit, with a total volume of GEL 1.85 billion and 93.9% is the share of 5 banks.Profitable Banks 


1 out of 17 Credo loans is problematic

According to the NBG, unlike the pandemic, the war crisis did not affect Georgia. Even during the pandemic, the volume of non-performing loans did not reach the assumed 10%. It was only increased to 8.5% and started to decrease from Q2/2021.Russia's war against Ukraine did not have a negative impact on the Georgian banking sector. The risks did not materialize. On the contrary, migration encouraged economic growth.Banks by Problem Loans 


Caucasus Autoimport and JTI Caucasus Were Promoted In October Exports

Accordingly, the list of top 10 exporting companies in October 2022 will look like this: IDS Borjomi Georgia JSC RMG Copper JSC Rustavi Nitrogen  Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC· RMG Gold Ltd· Adjara Textile Ltd· Caucasus Auto Import LLC· Toyota Caucasus LLC· Chiaturmanganum Georgia LLC · G. M. Pharmaceuticals LtdTop 10 exporting companies of October 2021 were as follows:· ADS Borjomi Beverage Company S/F· JSC RMG Copper· JSC Rustavi Nitrogen· Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC· RMG Gold Ltd· Adjara Textile Ltd· Steel International Trading Company Ltd· Toyota Caucasus LLC· JTI Caucasus Ltd· Georgian Manganese Ltd


Banks By Loan Proceeds

The NBG reports, that the volume of the retail portfolio is 23.6 billion GEL as of 01.11.2022 (01.11.2021 - ₾ 21.3 billion). Business loans amount to 19.3 billion GEL (01.11.2021 - 20.03 billion GEL).Out of this, commercial banks granted loans to resident legal entities in the amount of 7.27 billion GEL (+1.41% m.m.) in national currency, and 12.07 billion GEL (- 1.56% m.m.) in foreign currency (without the effect of the exchange rate, -0.44% m.m.).Banks By Loan Proceeds


CAMEX Airlines will serve Georgian customers with its own aircraft

CAMEX International, under the name of Camex, has been successfully operating in the field of air freight on Georgian and international markets for almost 20 years.Camex decided to purchase 737-800 Boeing aircraft in 2020 due to pandemic delays.The airline has direct connections with such important centers as Frankfurt, Cologne, Liege, Istanbul, Baku, Chinese and Indian cities, Tel-Aviv, which helps to further increase cargo flows in the future.In the future, CAMEX Airlines plans to acquire 3 more aircraft and thus increase the fleet, which will further expand the geographical area of ​​its activity and the company's awareness in this area.