Georgian Wine Price Is Up

The Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Otar Shamugia, stated the importance of increasing funding and increased activities at the plenary session of the Parliament, while presenting the annual report.In 2023, 14 million GEL was allocated to the promotion of Georgian wine. Farmers participated in more than 140 exhibitions in 15 countries. including in Japan, USA, France.Shamugia reported on last year's record export of wine to 66 countries. In 2023, $455 million worth of wine and spirits were sold, a 16% year-over-year increase.However, after the pandemic, 2023 is the first year of increase in the value of wine. The average price has increased by 40%.While presenting the annual report, Shamugia also announced the steps to strengthen food safety. This year, 40 new methods of analysis will be introduced, including 19 in the direction of fish diseases. He also mentioned land cadaster and reclamation works.


Deputy Economy Minister announces Georgia will be first in region to h...

Kvrivishvili told the Imedi TV channel that hosting the event for the first time in the country would be “an important opportunity” to represent Georgia’s tourism potential.She noted “a number of” international journalists and high-ranking delegations would visit Georgia on the sidelines of the Tourism Day celebrations, which would positively impact the sustainable development of tourism and promoting the country.Kvrivishvili also highlighted the recent “most significant event” of the Asian Development Bank - the 57th annual meeting - hosted in Tbilisi from May 2 to 5 “with great dignity” amid the rallies against the controversial transparency of foreign influence law, stressing the country had gained “the greatest experience in properly managing crises”.“Our hospitality has been evaluated very positively [by ADB and the annual meeting participants]”, the Deputy Minister noted.“The most important thing is stability and peace, and our [ruling] team will do its utmost to ensure peace, stability and freedom in the country and that all current processes are carried out in the country through democratic processes”, Kvrivishvili emphasised, noting by this foundation it was possible to achieve the double-digit economic growth over the past years.Maintaining stability has played an important role in increasing investments, bringing more tourists into the country and “ultimately affecting” the well-being of “every citizen of Georgia”, she added.


In 1Q2024, 1.3 million non-resident travelers entered Georgia

As of the document, the number of visits by international visitors from above-mentioned figure amounted to 1.2 million, 8.6 percent higher compared to the same period of 2023.In the I quarter of 2024 the number of international visitors equaled 957.8 thousand, which is 9.7% higher compared to the same period of the previous year.In the reporting period, international visitors made 938.6 thousand tourist-type visits, which is 11% higher compared to the same period of the previous year.In 1Q2024 the largest number of visitors (187.1 thousand visitors) was from Turkey, which amounted to 19.5 percent of the total number of visitors. On the second place is Russian Federation with 19.2% share and on the third place – Armenia with 14.5% share.Correspondingly, the largest number of visits were made by the citizens of Turkey (254.6 thousand), Russian Federation (215.5 thousand) and Armenia (191.8 thousand).The majority of visitors (49.7 percent) belonged to the age group of 31-50. The number of women equaled to 35.9 percent of the total number of visitors.In the I quarter of 2024 the purpose of the majority of inbound visits (44.8 percent) was holiday, leisure and recreation.The majority of visits comes on Tbilisi and Adjara A/R, 608.1 thousand and 363.0 thousand respectively. The chart below illustrates the distribution of visits by the visited regions.In the I quarter of 2024 the average number of nights spent during the visits equaled 5.5 nights, which is 8.6 percent lower than the same figure of the I quarter of 2023 (6.0 nights). 81.3 percent of visits was repeating visit.The expenditures during the visits made in the I quarter of 2024 equaled 2.2 billion GEL. The indicator is 6.9 percent higher compared to the same period of the previous year. Average expenditure on the visit decreased by 1.6 percent compared to the I quarter of 2023 and amounted to 1 869.1 GEL.It should be noted that in January-March, 2024, permissions were issued for the construction of multifunctional residential complexes, trade facilities, hotels, industrial enterprises, objects for agricultural purposes and other buildings.841 objects (22.1 percent more compared to the previous year) with total area of 805.1 thousand square meters (49.2 percent more compared to the previous year) were completed in January – March, 2024.More than half of the completed constructions are distributed among four regions of the country, namely: 39.0 percent is located in Tbilisi, 14.6 percent - in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, 11.7 percent - in Kakheti region and 9.3 percent - in Imereti region.


Deputy Economy Minister: over million travellers, “record-high” EU vis...

One million direct tourists - an 11 percent increase from the same period in 2023 - were part of the figure, with the number of international visitors from European Union countries at a “record high”, she said.Kvrivishvili said the numbers showed the domestic tourism sector had “completely recovered” from the Covid-19 pandemic.Compared to the same period in 2019, there has been a seven percent increase in international visitors, she also noted.The Deputy Minister added tourist flows from European countries - in particular Germany and Poland - as well as Gulf states were increasing.“The tourism industry in Georgia is maintaining an important dynamic, with diversification playing a key role [...] The country is continuing its policy of diversification to promote itself on the international scene and attract even more international travellers and income from the tourism industry”, she said.The number of visits from EU countries and the United Kingdom has seen “record growth” with a 44.4 percent increase from 2019 figures, the National Tourism Administration said.Poland was the origin of the highest number of visits in the first quarter with a 67.1 percent increase from 2019, followed by Germany with a 46.1 percent increase and the United Kingdom with 27 percent growth, the body said.The number of visits from “high-spending” tourist markets has also increased, with a 27.9 percent increase from Gulf countries compared to 2019, a 33.5 percent increase from Saudi Arabia and a 66.3 percent increase from Kuwait, the Administration added.The body said the data was calculated according to methodology developed based on recommendations of the World Tourism Organisation and measured completed visits. 


The passenger flow at Kutaisi airport up by 39%

According to the Union of Georgian Airports, Kutaisi Airport served 127,569 passengers in March (91,802 passengers in March 2023).In addition to the passenger flow, there was an increase in the number of flights at the Kutaisi International Airport at the beginning of the year. Flights at the airport increased by 23% in March compared to the same period last year and served 374 flights (March 2023 - 304 flights).In the first quarter of 2024, the passenger flow at Kutaisi International Airport increased by 57%, and the number of flights - by 42%.According to the information of the Union of Georgian Airports, 5 airlines operate from Kutaisi International Airport at this stage. Flights are fulfilled to 39 destinations in 20 countries.


Batumi named among top 20 European destinations for 2024

“Batumi is amongst the trendiest destinations of 2024. Forget Barcelona and Berlin, Batumi is so much more surprising, more exciting, more affordable and more exotic. History rubs shoulders with modernity, the cosmopolitan city rubs shoulders with untouched nature in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the Adjara Region. For lazy days on the beach, for an exciting nightlife, for a romantic stay, with friends, with family, for wellness or for the culinary riches of this region rich in flavours, Batumi is a real sensory journey, a unique and unforgettable destination in the world,” the European Best Destinations notes.The platform highlights Adjara’s favourable climate, and stunning landscapes, including the mountainous terrain of Adjara, the Batumi Botanical Garden, the charming architecture and the vibrant city lifestyle.“The architecture of the city was shaped and designed by European architects in the 19th century when Batumi became a port city called “Porto Franco” (freeport). Batumi is home to diverse cultures and religions, where Christian Orthodox, Catholic, or Armenian churches, mosques, and synagogues have lived in harmony throughout the centuries, a way of life we would do well to emulate today.Batumi has a splendid mix of beautiful scenery of sea and high mountains, ancient cultural monuments, monasteries, mediaeval arch bridges, beautiful lakes, and authentic villages to travel back in time,” it adds.


Georgia participates in International Tourism Fair Wroclaw

Georgian private companies presented their tourist services at the fair, which aimed to establish contacts and cooperation with Polish companies.The Polish tour operators expressed interest in the Black Sea resorts, cuisine, and adventure tourism activities.The Wroclaw Fair had approximately 13 thousand visitors. Up to 200 tourist organizations and companies took part in it.


Machakheli Valley Embraces Renewable Energy

 the past year, seventy-five solar panels and 200 solar water heaters have been installed in the villages, benefitting 1,200 residents and significantly reducing reliance on fuelwood for energy needs.These initiatives promise tangible benefits for both the local communities and the environment. By transitioning to renewable energy, Machakheli Valley is poised to save up to 900 m3 of fuelwood annually, preserving 300 trees and mitigating 7 tons of CO2 emissions per year.During a visit to Machakheli Valley on 26 March, Anna Chernyshova, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Georgia, alongside Zaza Shavadze, Minister of Agriculture of the Ajara Autonomous Republic, and Zaza Diasamidze, Mayor of Khelvachauri Municipality, explored various villages within the Machakhela National Park support zone. Engaging directly with residents, they witnessed firsthand the impact of renewable energy solutions on local communities."Machakheli Valley is a jewel of Georgia, boasting unique Colchic Forests and breathtaking natural beauty. Yet, it is also a delicate ecosystem that demands our protection. Our collaboration with the Japanese Government aims to safeguard this natural treasure while providing sustainable energy solutions to local communities," stated Anna Chernyshova.The UNDP's support in Machakheli Valley draws on a Japan-funded initiative focused on bolstering forest protection measures and promoting renewable energy. This 12-month, US$545,000 project, implemented in partnership with Georgia's Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ajara Autonomous Republic, and the administration of Khelvachauri Municipality, underscores a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability.By engaging with central, regional, and municipal authorities, UNDP and Japan are fostering community ownership and participation in the sustainable management of forest resources. Particularly, efforts are directed towards empowering women and youth to play an active role in environmental conservation.Moreover, this project aligns with Georgia's commitment to the Paris Agreement, aiming to increase forest carbon-capturing capacity by 10 percent and reduce national greenhouse gas emissions by 30-35 percent by 2030, in comparison to 2015 and 1990 levels respectively.


Average Monthly Expenses During Domestic Visits In 2023 Was Determined...

According to their own reports, the number of visitors increased by 6.2% during the mentioned period, and the number of visits made by them is 17.5% higher than the similar indicator of 2022."In 2023, the average monthly number of tourist-type visits made by resident visitors of Georgia to the territory of Georgia was determined at 693.2 thousand, which is 8.1% more than the similar indicator of 2022.In 2023, 36.6% of visitors belonged to the 31-50 age group. In addition, the number of women was 54.5% of the total number of visitors.According to the results of the survey, 34.6% of visitors to St. Tbilisi residents, 16.9% come from Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions, 9.6 percent - from Kvemo Kartli region, and the rest of the regions are represented with a relatively low share in the structure.In 2023, the majority of visits (47.2%)were made to visit friends/relatives.In the reporting period, the largest part of the visits was carried out in St. in Tbilisi (on average 368.2 thousand visits per month) and in Imereti region (on average 342.6 thousand visits per month).The volume of average monthly expenses incurred during visits in 2023 was determined at 278.0 million GEL. This indicator is 12.0 percent higher than the similar indicator of last year. In addition, the average cost per visit has decreased by 4.7 percent and is equal to 173.8 GEL", the document reads.


Tourism Administration hosts hundreds of influencers for Traverse digi...

Hosted by Traverse, a London-based agency with tens of thousands of digital influencers and content creators, the event brought together bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, podcasters, videographers and photographers to the city.Maia Omiadze, the Head of the Administration, said she hoped the coverage of Georgia on social media and other platforms would be “effective” following the event.“In European countries [and] on various platforms, articles and posts about Georgia [were shared on] social networks. We hope that similar measures will yield results. We think that Georgia's awareness of similar activities in these countries and in the world in general is constantly increasing”, she noted.Linda Lime, a blogger from Austria with 1.6 million followers on social media, praised Georgia's “hospitality” and “friendship”, as well as its “amazing” food and “beautiful places”, during the visit.“We have snowy mountains in Austria, but I really liked Kazbegi, Gudauri. I will share with my Austrian, German and Swiss subscribers the impressions I got here and tell them how beautiful Georgia is”, she said.Beside Tbilisi, the influencers were hosted in the highland town of Mestia in the north-west, the ski resort of Gudauri and other destinations to explore visitor attractions, local cuisine and wine, the Administration said.