Tourism Administration Head: Georgia has “firmly established itself” a...

Omiadze said the role of the industry in the Georgian economy was growing “significantly” from year to year.“In six months, our country received an income of $1,804,529,935 from international tourism, which is a recovery of 123.9 percent of the same figure of [pre-pandemic] 2019. Compared to 2022, the revenues from international tourism have increased by $661,999,720”, she said.Omiadze also noted World Tourism Day would be celebrated in Georgia next year with the host status for the country.“All 38 countries of the Commission for Europe of the United Nations’ World Tourism Organisation have chosen Georgia as the host country for next year’s World Tourism Day. High-ranking guests will visit Georgia next year. This will be a large-scale event, where the investment and tourism potential of our country will be presented in a dignified manner”, Omiadze said.The head of the tourism body added her office would continue to diversify tourist markets in Georgia, benefit from new markets and attract “high-spending” visitors. 


The growth of revenues from tourism has slowed down

It is $344 billion more than the pre-pandemic portfolio ($1,456 billion).2022 was a record year due to the increased flow of migrants, with revenues of 3.5 billion, and annual growth (base effect) exceeded 190%.


74% of international visits were made from the Europe in 6M23

74% of visits were made from the Europe, a total of 2.1 million visitors came from Europe in 6 months.European regions in detail:In January-June, 47% of international travelers' visits came from Central and Eastern Europe (1.3 million visits).A total of 21.5 thousand visits were made from Northern Europe, which is 0.7% of the total figure.23.5 thousand visits were made from Southern Europe, which is 0.8% of visits.47.5 thousand visits were made from Western Europe, which is 1.7% of visits.690.3 thousand visits were made from Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, which is 2.4% of visits.A total of 24,500 visits were made from America, which is 0.9% of visits.A total of 146,000 visitors came from the East Asia/Pacific basin, accounting for 5.1% of total visits.A total of 5.8 thousand visitors came from Africa, which is 0.2% of visits.The rest of the visits were made from "other" countries (UN, non-resident of Georgia, others), which is 6% of the total visits.


Black Sea water quality within norm

The Agency stated that biogenic elements, hard metals, and oil concentrations are within the norm.The National Environment Agency measures the chemical parameters of the Black Sea water once every ten days at nine locations. The conclusions are transparent and open to everyone.


Georgian Railway resumes services to western cities after landslide ca...

The company said tracks had been “completely cleared from the landslide [mass]” near the station, and “contact network” had been restored.Services are expected to resume at 5pm local time on Monday.Passengers who bought tickets for the suspended services will have their full fares returned.


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Number of foreign traveller visits to Adjara region on rise, says tour...

Zoidze noted 711 flights had been recorded to the region in the first five months of the year - a 1.14 percent increase over the same period of 2022 and 19 percent more compared to 2019.She also noted Batumi was hosting “many international events” this year, a fact she said would make a positive impact on increasing the number of tourists in the region.The official also highlighted the regional Government’s efforts in developing tourism infrastructure in municipalities of Kobuleti, Khelvachauri, Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo, including creation of new picnic zones, hiking tracks and more.Zoidze also mentioned the Department was organising press tours hosting media professionals from various countries to promote the region. It said last year about 500 journalists, bloggers and representatives from tourism agencies visited Adjara as part of the promotional campaigns.


Georgia outstripped Italy in the Russian wine market

The Russian publication "Kommersant" disseminates information about this, based on the customs authorities of Russia.The import of Georgian wine to Russia increased by 63% and exceeded 24 million liters. At the same time, 23.4 million liters of Italian wine were imported into Russia - supply has increased by 31%. Imports from other countries have also increased - Spain, France and Portugal.In January-May, 35.6 million liters of wine worth $103.5 million were exported from Georgia, which was 29.7% more in monetary terms, and 31.4% more in quantity than the same period of the previous year (January-May 2022: 27.1 of $79.8 million million liters). TOP-3 exporting countries:1. Russia - 25.3 million liters worth $69.1 million (66.8% of exports).2. Poland - 2.2 million liters worth $5.4 million (5.2% of exports).3. China - 1.5 million liters worth $5.1 million (4.9% of exports)


Kutaisi Airport served a record number of passengers and flights

In addition to the passenger flow, the number of flights from Kutaisi International Airport also approached the historical maximum. Before the pandemic, in May 2019, 210 flights were performed. In the same period of 2023, the number of flights increased by 80%. Kutaisi Davit Agmashenebeli Airport served 378 flights.Compared to the pre-pandemic period, there is a stable increase in the number of passengers at Kutaisi International Airport even in five months. This year, Kutaisi International Airport served 502,323 passengers in the period of January – May, which was 74% higher than the period of 2019. The number of flights made in five months also approached the historical maximum.Kutaisi International Airport served 1,591 flights, which was 66% more than before the pandemic.From June 1, 2023, WIZZ AIR returned its third aircraft based at Kutaisi International Airport and performs regular flights to Madrid, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Poznań. From June 4, the Kazakh low-budget airline FlyArystan added the route Almaty-Kutaisi-Almaty.On December 1, 2023, Kutaisi International Airport will receive the fourth Wizz Air aircraft and the Copenhagen route.According to the information of the Union of Georgian Airports, at this stage, 5 airlines operate from Kutaisi International Airport. Flights are made to 34 destinations in 17 countries.


Wizz Air returned the third aircraft based in Kutaisi Airport

The first direct regular flights from Frankfurt and Hamburg have already taken place at Kutaisi International Airport.Regarding the return of the third grounded ship, an official event was held at the airport named after Davit Agmashenebeli, which was attended by State Commissioner in Imereti Zviad Shalamberidze, Kutaisi Mayor Ioseb Khakhaleishvili, Airport Union Director Irakli Karkashadze, representatives of the local government and the airline company.