The total length of highways in Georgia is equal to the equator

Out of this, the length of the road of international importance is 1593 km, 5460 km of domestic importance, and 32 900 km of local importance.


Russia Redeploys Armed Forces of Occupied Territories of Georgia to Uk...

The information is provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine."In order to staff the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the units of the 4th (Tskhinvali district, South Ossetia) and 7th (Abkhazia) military bases, which are part of the Southern Military District, were redeployed from the occupied territories of Georgia to Ukraine.From the 4th military base, three BTGs were formed and sent to Ukraine, which in total, amounts up to 1,200 Russian and Ossetian soldiers. From the units of the 7th military base, two BTGs were formed, which unites about 800 people.", posted General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook. As the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine further noted, the Russian troops continue to experience staffing problems."In particular, servicemen of the 26th Tank Regiment of the 47th Tank Division, who signed contracts, began to file reports after they had participated in the war against Ukraine, requesting to terminate the contract and send them to a permanent location for further service.It is also reported that the Joint Forces in Donetsk and Luhansk regions repulsed four attacks by the Russian occupiers over the past 24 hours. Ukrainian soldiers destroyed seven tanks, seven armored vehicles, two vehicles, and an anti-tank gun. The enemy suffered manpower losses.", writes Ukrinform. 


Media reports that people have been allowed to walk across Georgia-Rus...

According to Ekho Kavkaza, earlier the border could be crossed only by vehicle or bike.The information was confirmed by the press service of the FSB border service of North Ossetia, who noted that such a decision was made "for speed".According to Ekho Kavkaza, the above reports that it is now possible to cross the border on foot were spread via the so-called Zemo Larsi chat and Tbilisi_life Telegram channel. 


Unprecedented Number of People Gathered on Rustaveli Avenue to Demonst...

In anticipation of the EU response, the Shame Movement announced a demonstration on June 20, at 20:00, where representatives of the civil society, the Ukrainian government, and the European Union addressed the rally. The announcement read: "Europe is a historical choice and an aspiration of Georgians, for which all generations have given sacrifices. The tangible act of our historical aspirations is the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. We, Georgians, created one of the most progressive documents in the world at that time and declared our connection with Europe based on shared values. A century has passed and the Russian Federation now opposes the Western choice of Ukraine with new military aggression. Against the background of the heroism and self-sacrifice of the Ukrainian people, there is an unprecedented chance for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova to become part of the European Union and return to where our roots and aspirations are. The citizens of Georgia may not agree on many issues, but freedom, peace, economic sustainability, protection of human rights, and justice are the values ​​that unite us all, which would be guaranteed by integration with the European Union. That is why, in anticipation of the EU response, on June 20, at 20:00, we will gather in front of the Parliament and demonstrate the commitment of the Georgian people of the world to European choice and Western values." The number of people taking part in a protest rally in support of European integration was at least 120,000, amounting to a maximum of 160,000, according to Netgazeti.The Shame Movement announced another demonstration on June 24, after the EU announced its decision to grant Georgia candidate status. The Shame Movement also presented a manifesto and announced the establishment of a new People's Movement. At 21:00, demonstrators marched to Europe Square, where the conclusive part of the event was held. At the summit on June 23-24, the leaders of the 27 EU member states will consider the applications of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia for the EU candidate status.    


Carl Hartzel Remarks on the June 20 Demonstration - Home to Europe

“What I saw yesterday was a very large, dignified, and peaceful manifestation of Georgia’s pro-European choice.What I heard yesterday was many, many ordinary Georgians coming out, wishing Georgia to seize the moment and embrace the opportunity that is given now from the European Union side and take the right steps forward in order to de facto and in reality move Georgia’s European agenda forward,” Ambassador Hartzell said.Carl Hartzell also stressed that opening the European perspective for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova should not be missed.“What the Commission said last Friday was to open the European perspective for Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, which is not to be missed a very clear “yes” from the European Commission that Georgia has the potential to become a future EU member. And yesterday, we heard President Michel, who is very well known in this country, also stressing that now is a time to acknowledge that Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia have a future within the European Union. These are powerful messages, and at the same time, as we know, the Opinion for Georgia was less favourable than the Opinion for Ukraine and Moldova, which underlines the need now to take resolute steps forward to demonstrate these aspirations. And for that we have a to-do list from the European Commission, saying what are these requirements for Georgia to advance. And I am hoping to see in a few days’ time if member states in the European Council will conclude the same as the European Commission. After which the message is very clear, Georgia’s European destiny is in Georgia’s hands, and it’s time to work diligently to take the necessary steps, to move the agenda forward."    


'To Support Ukraine is to Comply with International Sanctions Regimes'...

As she declared, Georgia complies with the requirements of international sanctions, and in case of violation, it will receive an appropriate response."In 2008, it’s important to remember there were a billion dollars in support allocated for Georgia, and there has been considerable investment by my country and other countries in helping Georgia strengthen its deterrence capabilities. The Georgia Defense Forces are quite a bit stronger than in 2008 as a result of the strong security cooperation and partnership that Georgia has with the United States and other friends of Georgia. In this situation, now, what is really important is that we all show a unified front to this Russian aggression that is killing thousands of Ukrainian civilians and devastating Ukrainian towns. The sanctions are intended to influence Russia’s behavior, and I would just say clearly, no one is asking Georgia’s government to come up with bilateral sanctions if they don’t want to, if that’s not what they’ve decided they should do. Bilateral sanctions are for Georgia’s government to decide. What is expected of every country, my country, and every country that is standing against this Russian aggression is that there will be compliance with the international sanctions regime, and Georgia has always been a good partner in complying with international sanctions, whether against Iran or other countries that are working against the interests of countries like Georgia and the United States and all of our countries that believe in freedom and stability and security.So, again, I think it’s important not to confuse the issues here about what we’re talking about when we’re talking about complying with international sanctions. Georgia is complying with international sanctions. Many of the sanctions may not affect Georgia directly. So I think it’s important to keep this in perspective and understand that Georgia, just like most countries, will be complying with international sanctions to the extent they can. There are consequences for any country that doesn’t comply with an international sanctions regime. We all know that. So, again, I think that the key thing here is that we all are sending a unified message of support to Ukraine, and one of the ways to do that is by complying with the international sanctions regimes."    


Vladimir Putin announces partial mobilization in Russia

Mobilization will begin on September 21.The decree provides for additional measures to implement the state defense order.According to the presidential decree, only those citizens who are in the reserve and first of all served in the armed forces, have a certain military specialty and relevant experience will be subject to military service."Only those citizens of Russia who are currently in the reserve and, first of all, those who served in the ranks of the country's armed forces, have a certain military specialty and relevant experience, will be subject to military service," Vladimir Putin said in his address to the citizens this morning.According to him, the decision on partial mobilization was made to protect Russia, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and to ensure the security of the Russian people.