Oil price in October - where, how much and at what price we bought it

During this period, the price of imported oil and oil products increased by 35.1%. If last year in October the price of 1 liter of oil and oil products was 74 cents, in October this year its price totals to USD 1? Top Partner Countries By Oil Share And Oil Price:


Galt & Taggart - imports of construction materials from Russia and Ukr...

In the same period, the imports of construction materials from Ukraine amounted to $36 million, this data is reduced by 47.1% compared to the previous year (Jan-Sep 2021: $68 million).Galt & Taggart notes in their research that dependence on imports from Russia and Ukraine is moderate and substitutable.


In October, the price of imported cigarettes increased by 21%

During the reporting period, the price of imported cigarettes increased by 20.7% on average. If last year the price of 1 pack of imported cigarettes was $0.29, this year its price is $0.35.The top importing countries are:1 Turkey - 13.4 million boxes; worth of $5.6 million.2 Armenia - 7.2 million boxes; worth of $1.5 million.3 Poland - 2.7 million boxes ; worth of $1.2 million.


Agara Sugar's profit is decreasing and leaves the TOP-10 Exporters

During this period, the company's cost of goods sold increased by 63% to 132.4 million GEL. Accordingly, the total profit of the company in 2021 amounted to 7.6 million GEL, which is 11% less than the profit of the previous year.In the same period, the company's assets decreased by 1.9% to 37.4 million GEL, and administrative expenses increased by 14.3% to 5.2 million GEL.Accordingly, the net profit of the company in 2021 amounted to 1.4 million GEL, which is 18.1% less than the net profit of the previous year.Agara Sugar Company lost its place in the ten largest importers of October, so the importers of October 2022 look like this:JSS Gepha; Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC; Geo Sky Airline LLC; LLC Alta; LLC Zoomer Georgia; Caucasus Auto Import LLC; Lukoil-Georgia LLC; Rompetrol Georgia LLC; San Petroleum Georgia LLC; Toyota Caucasus LLC.The 10 largest importers of October 2021 were as follows:JSS Gepha; Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC; Ltd. Agara Sugar Company; Ltd. Alta; Caucasus Auto Import LLC; PSP Pharma LLC; Rompetrol Georgia LLC; San Petroleum Georgia LLC; LLC; SOCAR Georgia Petroleum; Georgian Manganese Ltd.Agara Sugar Company was founded in 2010. The structure of its owners looks like this:Society Anatolia Trade Company 51%;Society NirezounGeorgia 16.3%;Universal Capital Group 24.5%;Anatolia Holding Company Limited,/United Arab Emirates 8.2%.


Chiaturmanganum Georgia increases its profit by 1200% and is in the to...

During this period, the assets of the company increased by 48% to 105.7 million GEL, and the capital increased by 88.9% to 66.8 million GEL.The company increased distribution expenses by 102.1% to 8.5 million GEL, and general and administrative expenses by 15.9% to 5.5 million GEL."Chiaturmanganum Georgia" was included in the 10 largest exporting companies of 2022. Accordingly, the list of top exporters for this period is as follows: The list of top 10 exporting companies in October 2022 looks like this:ADS Borjomi Georgia/ Ltd. ADS Borjomi S/F of Beverage Company; RMG Copper; Nitrogen of Rustavi; Caucasian Metals Terminal; RMG Gold; Adjara textile; Caucasus auto import; Toyota Caucasus; Chiaturmanganum Georgia; G. M. Pharmaceuticals.Chiaturmanganum Georgia LLC was founded in 2008. The main activity of the company is the production of different types of manganese ferroalloys (ferromanganese, ferrosilicomanganese and ferrosilicon) production and sale, which is mostly produced using imported manganese ore. Most of the manganese ferroalloys are exported from Georgia, mainly to the European Union, CIS, USA, Turkey and Iran.The owner of 100% of the company's share is an international business companyGreenfield Financial Corp /Seychelles/.


Caucasus Autoimport and JTI Caucasus Were Promoted In October Exports

Accordingly, the list of top 10 exporting companies in October 2022 will look like this: IDS Borjomi Georgia JSC RMG Copper JSC Rustavi Nitrogen  Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC· RMG Gold Ltd· Adjara Textile Ltd· Caucasus Auto Import LLC· Toyota Caucasus LLC· Chiaturmanganum Georgia LLC · G. M. Pharmaceuticals LtdTop 10 exporting companies of October 2021 were as follows:· ADS Borjomi Beverage Company S/F· JSC RMG Copper· JSC Rustavi Nitrogen· Caucasian Metals Terminal LLC· RMG Gold Ltd· Adjara Textile Ltd· Steel International Trading Company Ltd· Toyota Caucasus LLC· JTI Caucasus Ltd· Georgian Manganese Ltd


CAMEX Airlines will serve Georgian customers with its own aircraft

CAMEX International, under the name of Camex, has been successfully operating in the field of air freight on Georgian and international markets for almost 20 years.Camex decided to purchase 737-800 Boeing aircraft in 2020 due to pandemic delays.The airline has direct connections with such important centers as Frankfurt, Cologne, Liege, Istanbul, Baku, Chinese and Indian cities, Tel-Aviv, which helps to further increase cargo flows in the future.In the future, CAMEX Airlines plans to acquire 3 more aircraft and thus increase the fleet, which will further expand the geographical area of ​​its activity and the company's awareness in this area.


52% Of Exports Accounts For 5 Products

Out of this, exports amounted to USD 4.5 billion, and imports – USD 10.7 billion.TOP-5 Exported/Imported Products:Exports:1. Copper ores and concentrates - 351.8 thousand tons, USD 842.1 million.2. Motor cars - 64354 units, USD 661.3 million.3. Ferroalloys - 218.5 thousand tons, USD 447.7 million.4. Fertilizers (nitrogenous, mineral or chemical) – 358.6 thousand tons, USD 221.7 million.5. Wine - USD200.8 million for 80 million liters.The share of these five products is 52.2% in the total exports.Imports:1. Motor cars - 118,743 units worth $1.2 billion.2. Oil and oil products - 1.1 million tons of $1.1 billion.3. Copper ores and concentrates - 287.5 thousand tons of $623.1 million.4. Medicines - 10.3 thousand tons of $329.1 million.5. Oil gases - 32.9 thousand tons of $316.9 million.The share of these five products amounts to 34% of total imports.


The Competition Agency approved the planned concentration in the const...

Concentration refers to the import/export of building materials, construction and architectural services markets.In the process of studying the issue by the agency, the following circumstances were identified:In 2021, 4132 companies operated in the construction market, and 1694 companies operated in the construction materials market, the market volume was 6.176 billion GEL and 5.547 billion GEL, respectively.The market was evaluated at the level of Tbilisi and Batumi. In 2021, 2155 companies operated in the construction market in the capital, with a total turnover of GEL 4.103 billion. In the same market, in the center of Adjara, 554 companies operated - with a market volume of GEL 1,362 billion. According to the agency's assessment, the market is low-concentrated both at the level of the country and the cities, and the creation of the planned joint venture will not have a significant impact on the market and it is compatible with the competitive environment.A concentration is subject to prior notification to the Agency. In case of concentration bypassing the agency, a fine is determined - up to 5% of the company's financial turnover of the last year. The concentration assessment fee is 5000 GEL.In 2022, the agency approved 6 concentrations. According to the data of 9 months of 2022, 15,395 concentrations were carried out in Georgia.


Saba Construction wins 2 state tenders of one customer at the same tim...

"Saba Construction" has already won in both tenders and the contracts are being prepared.In the case of the first tender, the company will perform construction works worth 2.3 million GEL in the city of Ozurgeti, and in the case of the second tender, in the locations of Mtskheta, Dusheti, and Kazbegi, the construction works will be worth 2.2 million GEL.According to the tender documentation, the warranty period for the completed works is two years after the signing of the final act of acceptance.According to the documentation, the bidder must have the experience of performing construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation works with a value of at least 15,000,000 (fifteen million) GEL."Saba Construction" LLC was established in 2012. According to tenders monitor, the company has won 45 out of 111 tenders. The total estimated value of the winning tenders is 451 million GEL.It is clear from the company's website that in 2021 it performed works worth 130 million GEL.The company belongs to "Saba Invest" LLC, whose 100% share is owned by Slava Sherazadishvili.