Tbilisi (GBC) - Re/Bank (Pasha Bank brand) informs customers about account cancellation. As of May 20, credit account of the Top|Card will be canceled, however, the debit account of the same credit card will remain in Pasha Bank and will not be canceled automatically unless the owner makes a corresponding request. 

Transactions with Top|Card are limited from May 13, however, the owner must not exceed the minimum deposit date to avoid being fined.

From May 20, the credit report will be transferred to Liberty Bank, which bought the retail portfolio of Pasha Bank 2 months ago and completed the migration within the announced period.

The Top|Card will be issued in a different design with the same name at Liberty Bank, terms and conditions will not change. Those who do not want to get a new card, will fill the card account opened in Liberty with the existing schedule.

The Liberty team is pleased to welcome 45,000 Top Card customers. The management has stated that the expansion was a strategic step in the path of universalization, which makes the unique credit card available to 1,700,000 Liberty customers.

Pasha Bank (Azerbaijan Capital) Re|Bank currently only has current accounts, demand and term-deposits of individuals in the retail direction. Loans are granted only to legal entities.

Pasha Bank announced in February about the change in strategy, that it would focus on corporate business in 2024-2026.

The bank, with Azerbaijani capital, operated with 4 service centers before the reorganization, including three branches of Re/Bank (in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi) is currently represented only by the central branch of the capital (Saarbrücken Square).