Tbilisi (GBC) - In the period of May-September, the amount of electricity exported from Georgia, in monetary terms, amounted to $84.1 million. This volume is 495% more than the indicator of the same period of 2021.

Speaking to GBC, energy expert Gia Arabidze notes that local generation has really increased, and with the current situation, this is good, although we will not have a positive balance at the end of the year.

According to Arabidze, the growth rate of electricity consumption in Georgia is much higher than the its capacities.

As of energy expert, the only way to develop the energy of the country is to implement Namakhvani HPP, Khudoni, Neskra, as well as 500 MW wind and 1200 MW solar projects. "Otherwise, we will have to import more and more energy from year to year," says Arabidze.

In 2022, the export of electricity from Georgia continued from May to September.


The export partners of this period look like this:


1. Turkey -$79.4 million (94.3%).

2. Armenia - $4.2 million. (5%).

3. Azerbaijan - $0.6 million (0.7%).