Tbilisi (GBC) - According to the data of the National Bank of Georgia, “Zolotaia Korona” is still the leader among the transmission systems of remittances ($278,514,900) received in Georgia in April, 26.2% of the total flow came through this channel. $72,987,223 was transferred to Georgia through this system in April.

RIA is in second place, with a 23.7% share of total remittances with $66,058,300.

Money Gram is in third place with 18.7% and $52,179,400.

The fourth place is occupied by Western Union with 16.8% and $46,684,300.

Intel Express is fifth – with 11.6% and $32,243,400.

Sixth among the largest systems is Rico Gram, up 2.9% at $8,102,300.

Other systems account for only 0.1% or $259,700 of total remittances.