Tbilisi (GBC) - According to the data of the National Bank of Georgia, the amount of remittances received in Georgia in April amounted to $278,514,900, which was $46,000 more than the similar figure in March ($278,468,900).

If we consider from the point of view of the countries, the first place in the volume of remittances is still maintained by the Russian Federation - $49,129,400, however, the incoming remittances from this country have been steadily decreasing in recent months. For example, if $67.6 million was transferred from Russia in January, this figure was $54.6 million in February, and $52.9 million in March.

The second largest volume of remittances is the USA, from which $46.3 million entered Georgia in April. This volume is almost $2 million higher than the similar indicator of March.

Italy is in third place, from which $45.8 million was received in April, Greece is in fourth place with $21.9 million, and Germany is in fifth place with $20.7 million.

In the analyzed period, remittances from Georgia totaled $30.4 million. Accordingly, the positive balance in remittances amounts to $248 million.