Tbilisi (GBC) - No deal was concluded on the Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE) in May and June.

In April, the total turnover of the Georgian Stock Exchange amounted to GEL 24 300, the average daily turnover rate was GEL 810. During the month, two deals were concluded by Bank of Georgia.

In three months of 2024, three deals were concluded in January. In February- 8 deals, in March- 3.

In 2023, only 29 deals were concluded during trading sessions, the number of shares stood at 3,804,161, the value made GEL 162,429.62.

The Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE) is the only operating organized securities market in Georgia, which was established with the support of USAID and operates within the legal framework drafted with the assistance of American experts. GSE complies with global best practices in securities trading and offers an efficient investment facility to both local and foreign investors.