Tbilisi (GBC) - According to Ramaz Gerliani, Doctor of Economics, the 11% economic growth in December is a bit unrealistic.

As the economist notes, sales are increasing in December, but not at such a rate that the 9.3% increase in November would become 11%.

Gerliani declares, that all this was done to get double-digit economic growth last year. According to him, a 1% error is always acceptable, however in this case this error was made to get 10.1% growth in 2022.

Economist believes that the service that calculates the growth of GDP is directly funded by the government, which is proven in the world and almost all governments act similarly.

Geostat published the economic growth rate on Tuesday, December 31, according to which the growth in December was 11%, and the growth in 2022 was 10.1%.