Tbilisi (GBC) - Economist Ramaz Gerliani, talking to GBC, estimates a 13% increase in the Subsitnace Minimum.

According to Gerliani, the increase in the Subsitnace minimum is caused by the inflation, although this increase cannot keep up with inflation. According to the economist, the inflation of the largest part of the 40 basic products used in the calculation of the living wage even reaches 27-29%. If we take the food group alone, its inflation is much higher than the rest of the 300 products.

According to Gerliani, in addition to all this, we have a problem with the methodology of calculating the Subsitnace minimum, which does not meet the criteria.

According to Geostat, in October, the Subsitnace minimum of working-age male amounted to 253.9 GEL, which was 13.2% more than the same period of the previous year.

As for the Subsitnace minimum of the average consumer, this indicator amounted to 224.9 GEL in October. This data is 13.3% more than the corresponding month of the previous year.