Tbilisi (GBC) - Starting from December 19, Basisbank is pleased to offer the first in Georgia Mego Credit Card, with a new design and improved terms, tailored to the best client interests.

A credit card is ideal for shopping or an unexpected expense when payday is just around the corner. The advandages of Mego Card include the 55-day interest-free grace period. Clients are free to pay for products or services with no fee, and enjoy cashback in the amount of 1% of the amount used.

Mego Card is available with the highest credit limit: up to GEL 30,000 and low interest rate. The monthly payment is only 2% of the amount used. One of the advantages of the card, compared to other cards on the market, is the low ATM cashing fee 2.5%, at least GEL 1.

“Basisbank was the first in Georgia in 2006 to offer a credit card, a complete new banking product for Georgia’s reality. Our team has been working hard over the past few months to give the Mego Card a new, modern look and, at the same time, to adapt it as much as possible to the client needs and wants. Today we are proud to offer a completely new type of credit card that incorporates their interests and is competitive in terms of terms and flexibility with other credit cards on the market. I believe the new Mego card will fully meet client expectations," said Marekh Sajaia, Head of Basisbank’s Product Development Department.