Tbilisi (GBC) – Banking sectors Return On Equity(ROE) is 25.6% as of November 1 (10m/2021 - 31.9%). Decrease with the effect of the negative rate of the sanctioned VTB (-30%). The NBG vice-president has announced that this year the sector will return to 20%, which will lead to investors' satisfaction.

3 banks (BOGG; TBC, LB) require a capital surplus of +2.5% for the system buffer; +2.5%; +1.5%. However, since the new year, it has been reduced to 1% for Liberty. And for TBC/BOGG, if the share of any one of the collected deposits exceeds 40%, another 0.5% will be added to the 2.5%.

Among large-cap banks, Arab Sheikh Bank has the highest return on equity, followed by a member of the German banking group and Chinese Hualing Group Basis Bank.

Foreign capital in the Georgian banking sector has increased to 10.7 billion GEL (2021 – ₾ 9.8 billion). With local capital - 327 million GEL, there is only one bank in the market - Cartu.

Banks By ROE

Bank of Georgia    32.87%

TBC Bank              30.48%

Liberty Bank           16.85%

Basisbank              17.94%

Credo                    14.47%

ProCredit Bank      18.44%

Tera Bank20.88%


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