Tbilisi (GBC) – The NBG imposes a new buffer on banks. CRA Buffer (Credit Risk Adjustment Buffer) The supervisor needs to maintain conservatism for the sector to maintain capital buffers after the transition to the new reporting system.

From the new year, banks will submit their reports according to the international IFRS standard to the NBG. However, the Georgian banking system joins IFRS 9, which the whole world has adopted since 2018, with an interpreted version.

Considering that IFRS is more liberal than the NBG methodology (by which it is currently reporting), it was necessary to maintain the old (existing) reporting approaches so that the capital standards would not be violated.

The change is mainly in the loan provisioning methodology. A 3-stage scheme is introduced to balance expected losses. Assuming portfolio defaults, over 12-month and total loan term.

The change is in the methodology of counting several features, including the service fee, as well as in the part of owned property. According to the current regulation, the property remaining in the collateral is subject to write-off in expenses by 30-50-100% within a 3-year period.