Tbilisi (GBC) - In June, the liquidity of the financial market decreased by 382 million GEL, including GEL 172 million due to the foreign exchange intervention by the NBG. In May, the system lost more than 300 million, but at the same time, the volume of GEL in circulation increased.

Trade in the interbank foreign exchange market increased in May. $/GEL total turnover amounted to USD 253 million (+$28 million m.m; -$77.3 million Y.Y)

Buying and selling activities are almost entirely (99.2%) on spot transactions. The share of the National Bank of Georgia in total trade was 3.7%. The net sale on BMatch made up $9.1 million, while – by the auction - $108.7 million.

The additional liquidity needed by commercial banks is mainly filled with refinancing loans, the main tool of the NBG. In the case of excess liquidity in the sector, the central bank applies liquidity withdrawal tools.