Tbilisi (GBC) - According to the NBG’s statistics, cash in circulation increased by 202 million GEL in May, almost 3 times compared to April (04/2024: +GEL 70 million) and reached to 6 billion by 01.06.2024.

In the last reporting month, refinancing loans increased by 1.4 billion GEL. There are no transactions in the secondary securities market either. The passivity in the treasury securities market has been observed since November.

During the reporting period, the NBG made currency interventions and withdrew more than 300 million GEL from circulation.

The National Bank of Georgia offered USD 60 million at the foreign exchange auction on Tuesday, of which USD 48.70 million was sold.

The Bank said the average weighted rate of the operation was 2.7829. In today's currency rates, USD 1 costs GEL 2.7680, while EUR 1 costs GEL 3.0058.

The Bank also intervened with a USD 60 million injection at a foreign exchange auction about two weeks ago, in response to “recent volatility” in the currency market.

The NBG activities on Bmatch are reduced in May. And in April, according to NBG's monthly review, with internal governmental conversions in the banking system, NBG's net foreign exchange sales amounted to 68.3 million USD. Net purchases on BMatch were USD 73.1 million.

Combined with domestic government conversions, foreign exchange interventions and the BMatch mechanism, net foreign assets increased by about $4.8 million in April.

NBG’s Net (Purchases) Sales on Bmatch (2024-2023)


   2024 ($)

   2023 ($)



    (8.1) MLN




  (77.5) MLN




(127.9) MLN




  (73.1) MLN









 (2.0) MLN




 14.7 MLN




 13.4 MLN 




 (8.4) MLN 




(110) MLN




(278) MLN




(138) MLN