Tbilisi (GBC) – MFO Rico Express will issue bonds of GEL 130 million with a maturity of three-year, coupon rate - TIBR3m+2%. The nominal value totals to GEL 1 million.

According to the brokers, Rico's offer is the most profitable compared to the recent issues denominated in the national currency, with a low rate.

Among them, MFO "Crystal", which in February announced the placement securities of GEL 25 million with a maturity of 2-year at TIBR6m+4.75% and also received a grant within the framework of the EBRD&EU capital market support program.

Along with Crystal (MFO), MBC and GRPO (Georgian Renewable Energy Operations), it will be announced next week whether Rico will receive a grant or not.

With this transaction, "Rico" will postpone its obligations towards the creditor banks. "Isbank" and "Pasha Bank" owe the least among them.

Securities are also listed on the Georgian Stock Exchange.