Tbilisi (GBC) - In January, demand for cash decreased by 413 million GEL, after an increase of 428 million GEL in December.

According to the NBG statistics (monthly overview), in December, GEL volume  in the circulation reached 6 billion, and in January, withdrawals decreased and are within the limits of 5.5 billion GEL.

In December, refinancing loans exceeded 3 billion. The increase was 1.7 billion. In January, the volume of national currency decreased by more than 900 million.

According to NBG, no one-month loan was issued in the reporting month, and therefore the balance is unchanged, within 22 million. The one-day loan balance is 735 million GEL.

The balance of the loan supporting the liquidity of small and medium-sized businesses in the amount of 136.7 million GEL was repaid and disbursed.

There were no transactions on treasury securities in the secondary market in December or in January. Overall, the net debt of banks increased by 2.2 billion in December and amounted to 3.676 billion GEL by 01.01.2024.