Tbilisi (GBC) - Acting NBG President Natia Turnava single-handedly adopted the change in the procedure for the execution of sanctions regimes. According to her, this decision is the discretion of the President of the National Bank. Turnava stated that she informed the members of the National Bank Council about this decision in advance.

The Acting President of the NBG announced this at a briefing held on Wednesday, September 20.

Before that, Turnava noted that TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia did not violate the law by freezing the accounts of Otar Partskhaladze, since the amendment introduced by the NBG in the rule of execution of sanctions regimes came into force today.

At the briefing, Natia Turnava spoke mainly about the change made on September 19 in the rules for the implementation of sanctions regimes. According to her, a citizen of Georgia cannot be isolated from the banking system, as long as the charges brought against him are unconstitutional.

"No person can be isolated from the banking system until his conviction is unconstitutional. Our sector is sustainable, we are in constant consultation with the banks, and nothing threatens the sustainability of the system", said Natia Turnava.

It became known today that Papuna Lezhava, vice-president and board member of the National Bank of Georgia, has resigned. The information about his resignation was confirmed by Natia Turnava, the Acting President of the NBG, at a briefing held today, September 20.

The motive and reasons for Lezhava's resignation are currently unknown.