Tbilisi (GBC) - The share of problematic loans in the portfolio of banks has decreased. As of November 1, it is within GEL 850 million, which is 2% of the total portfolio.

According to the NBG, unlike the pandemic, the war crisis did not affect Georgia. Even during the pandemic, the volume of non-performing loans did not reach the assumed 10%. It was only increased to 8.5% and started to decrease from Q2/2021.

Russia's war against Ukraine did not have a negative impact on the Georgian banking sector. The risks did not materialize. On the contrary, migration encouraged economic growth.

Banks by Problem Loans 




Loans (GEL)

Share %

Bank of Georgia

7.37 bln



TBC Bank

6.8   bln





Liberty Bank

1.2   bln



Basis Bank

0.76 bln



Credo Bank

1.1   bln



 Source: NBG  (Q3/2022)