Tbilisi (GBC) – Basisbank keenly continues to sponsor education projects as part of its social responsibility.

USAID's Basic Education Program initiated the universal learning project to foster quality education of students. Over 10,000 students from 15 public schools of Georgia are involved in the project.

The Basic Education Program is piloting a multi-level classroom teaching support system approach, a part of universal design for learning, which includes special training for teachers to ensure successful application of acquired knowledge and skills in daily teaching practice and maximum student engagement in classroom activities.

To promote student-focused teaching in elementary grades, the Georgian and international experts worked together to produce the so-called big books and posters, printed with the support of Basisbank. These resources are adapted to the abilities of elementary grade students and are designed to support both teachers and students.

"Basisbank and USAID partnership continues. The project is important in that it introduces best practice techniques and resources for teachers and welcomes maximum involvement of students in classroom activities. As a company with high social responsibility, Basisbank prioritizes the support of the activities promoting the education of the next generation, and makes significant investments to encourage it,” Tamar Khaduri, Head of Strategic Communication Department of Basisbank.