Tbilisi (GBC) - Spring trade is continued on gold bars. After Easter, more than two and a half kilos of gold were sold.

Of which, one 1 kg gold bar and 77 units of 20 g bars were sold. After the Easter holidays, from May 11.

According to the National Bank of Georgia, 3 bars and 6 certificates of 1 kg gold have been sold since December 4. Also 730 units of 20-gram gold bars and 17 certificates.

The price of 20 g in May increased by almost 5% to 4,340 GEL (at the beginning of May it cost 4,164 GEL). 1 kg cost 208,205 GEL and the price increased to 219,000 GEL (+5.2%).

Amid recent challenges, demand for gold has increased globally. Investing money in a tangible asset is a priority.

Bars can be purchased at the cash center. Also, in the online store.

The NBG notes that gold is a good way to diversify savings. The demand for it increases when the risks of other types of investments are grown. The NBG has added monetary gold to foreign exchange reserves since March.