Tbilisi (GBC) - Isbank had different expectations for the transition to IFRS, and as the commercial director of the bank stated inTV-program Business Partner, a different result is expected: in reality, the bank will not be freed with capital to work with.

"The profit of the bank, after the operating profit (that is, taking into account the reserves) will be more, but there are additional capital requirements, correcting these differences", - Ucha Saralidze notes on the CRA buffer, the purpose of which, according to the NBG, was mainly only a change in the accounting language and conservative approaches Maintenance, even after the transition to liberal supervision.

Saralidze also said about the increased tax pressure by the decision of the Ministry of Finance and, accordingly, about the increase in the contribution to the budget, which is caused by the change in the accounting language and the 5% increase in the tax. According to his report, Isbank's contributions to the state budget will increase by 2 million.

The manager of the bank is afraid of a possible deterioration of investor sentiment. The Turkish shareholder, who has been giving complete freedom to the management of the subsidiary bank for years, is constantly increasing investments, including recently, the development of digital channels may be threatened by the risk-adjusting buffer. He thinks that they are asking for additional capital.

Therefore, an adequate period for adaptation should be given. For an investor, it is a priority that everything be measurable.

"Banks show us more capital, but this does not mean that we will be able to work with the existing capital for a longer time or with a greater volume", - noted Ucha Saralidze.
















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