Tbilisi (GBC) - The income received from travel in Georgia exceeded the figure of 2019 in January-November and amounted to a record figure of USD 3,159,558,975. The National Tourism Administration disseminates information about this.

According to the administration, the figure for 2019 was recovered by 103.5% (+108,134,426 USD).

"Compared to the months of January-November 2021, travel revenues increased by +2,040,668,275 (+182.4%) USD.

In November 2022, the income received from travel exceeded the indicator of 2019 and amounted to 305,029,882 USD, which is a 151.2% recovery compared to the similar indicator of 2019, and compared to the month of November 2021, the income received from travel increased by +194,075,877 (+174.9%) USD", - It is mentioned in the information.