Tbilisi (GBC) - Maya Omiadze, the Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration, on Wednesday congratulated domestic professionals of the industry with World Tourism Day by praising their role in establishing Georgia “firmly on the world map” as “one of the most popular and attractive” tourist destinations. 

Omiadze said the role of the industry in the Georgian economy was growing “significantly” from year to year.

“In six months, our country received an income of $1,804,529,935 from international tourism, which is a recovery of 123.9 percent of the same figure of [pre-pandemic] 2019. Compared to 2022, the revenues from international tourism have increased by $661,999,720”, she said.

Omiadze also noted World Tourism Day would be celebrated in Georgia next year with the host status for the country.

“All 38 countries of the Commission for Europe of the United Nations’ World Tourism Organisation have chosen Georgia as the host country for next year’s World Tourism Day. High-ranking guests will visit Georgia next year. This will be a large-scale event, where the investment and tourism potential of our country will be presented in a dignified manner”, Omiadze said.

The head of the tourism body added her office would continue to diversify tourist markets in Georgia, benefit from new markets and attract “high-spending” visitors.