Geosky airlines was founded in 2017 and successfully operates in both local and international markets. In the same year, Geosky was certified by the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency and received TCO authorization from the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The airline's activities include passenger and cargo air transportation. Since 2023, Geosky Airlines, under the "Georgian Wings" brand has launched regular passenger flights to Batumi and international flights to Baku.

For the first time in Georgian aviation industry, under the joint efforts of Basisbank and Geosky has been financed an aircraft purchased by Geosky, that became the first precedent in the Georgian banking sector.

In partnership with Basisbank, Geosky's air fleet was staffed with a completely new French-made helicopter, and in addition to cargo flights, the company is also actively working in tourism and extreme destinations. Among them, it is worth noting the implementation of private flights in the direction of Tusheti, which becomes increasingly popular both among tourists and among local vacationers.

The airline is predominantly staffed by highly qualified Georgian aviation and engineering personnel, whose team of professionals makes the greatest contribution to the development of Georgian aviation and the introduction of modern requirements and the highest safety standards. Geosky personel number exceeds 200 employees.

It’s noteworthy that Insurance Company being a member of Basisbank Holding is actively cooperating with Geosky and Company’s aircrafts fleet is fully insured by BB Insurance.

“Since the founding of the  our Airlines, we have been cooperating with Basisbank, that has grown into a partnership, and during this time we have jointly implemented a number of important projects. As you know, aviation is a global industry and we have to collaborate with many international companies. Therefore, it is important to us that international bank transfers are carried out smoothly.

Using the example of Geosky Airlines, I can say that the partnership of such a stable bank as Basisbank is important in the process of business development,” Shalva Kiknadze, President of Geosky Airlines.

“Basisbank and the aviation market leader Geosky airlines have many years of successful partnership experience. Geosky is a development-oriented Company that is constantly expanding, creating new opportunities and striving to innovations in the aviation market.

As one of the largest financiers of Georgian business, we are especially proud that in partnership with Geosky we are facilitating the implementation of large-scale and strategically important projects for the country's aviation industry, and I am confident will continue it successfully in the future” - Gigi Gabunia, Commercial Director of Basisbank.

Video story of partnership between Basisbank and Geosky