Tbilisi (GBC - In the I quarter of 2024 compared to the same quarter of previous year the volume of business sector turnover increased by 10.7 percent and amounted to 48.9 billion GEL, - according to the preliminary data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat).

The production value of the business sector is characterized by the increasing tendency. In the I quarter of 2024, its volume equaled to 17.9 billion GEL, which is year-on-year 12.6 percent more:

In the I quarter of 2024, 69.4 percent of total turnover comes on large and 14.3 percent – on medium businesses while 16.4 percent is distributed to small business.

A small difference is in case of total production value: 47.8 percent comes on large, 24.0 percent – on medium and 28.2 percent on small businesses.

In I quarter of 2024, total purchases of goods and services carried out by enterprises equaled to 25.8 billion GEL (year-on-year 7.0 percent more), while the purchase goods and services for resale amounted 16.0 billion GEL (year-on-year 1.6 percent more).