Tbilisi (GBC) –Irakli Elashvili Joins Creditinfo Team

Tbilisi (GBC) – Creditinfo team will have the 5th director.

Irakli Elashvili, former leading manager of TBC, the manager of Alpha Capital and the general director of Finca, before Pirtskhalava has fired him (Finka Bank's asset was bought by Credo Bank and accordingly the CEO of the enlarged bank fired the previous management (07/2021).

The Supervisory Board of Creditinfo was enlarged in accordance with the NBG’s regulation. Until now, the governing body was composed of only 4 representatives of shareholders (TBC; BGEO, PROCREDIT, Creditinfo International GmbH) (Nino Masurashvili, Levan Kulijanishvili, Alexi Matua, Set Marks).

Since October 13, the Creditinfo database has also been enlarged. The limit of 3 million has been increased, and updated statistics will be published in November - information based on the history of borrowers up to 10 million GEL.

By March 1, remittances will be added to the database.

According to Creditinfo's September report, there are a total of 2 million borrowers in the database, among them, 1,601 million active users are clients of banks.

The total volume of loans is 35.3 billion (L/m - ₾ 34.9 billion) lari. 90% - 31.8 billion GEL comes from commercial banks (L/m - 31.8-91%). The remaining amount is distributed to other financial institutions.