Tbilisi (GBC) - According to Geostat, milk production amounted to 165 million liters in the country in 3Q, which was 6.3% less compared to the same figure of the previous year.

In a conversation with GBC, Gocha Ghaghashvili, the founder of the "Tsivi Cheese" company, evaluated the decrease in milk production.

Ghaghashvili notes that there is a shortage of milk on the market, which has already affected the price of cheese. According to his assessment, we should not expect an increase in the price of cheese in the near future, because it is already at its peak. The director of the cheese factory says that 1 kilogram of cheese on the market ranges from 16 to 18 GEL, which is very high.

Gocha Ghaghashvili does not expect the price of cheese and milk to increase by the end of the year, however he refrains from making a forecast for the New Year.

"For the New Year, due to the great demand, anything can happen, so now it is impossible to count anything", says Ghaghashvili.