Tbilisi (GBC) - The Bank of Georgia has added new functionalities to the Business Internet Banking. The bank added the process of requesting a loan and using financial services completely online.

Financial limit utilization means that from now on, businesses within the financial group can view and borrow pre-approved financial limits online from the Business Internet Banking. If the customer wants to increase the existing limit, he has the option to request an increased loan limit online.

Another new functionality is money request, which allows businesses to simplify money transfer procedures with other businesses as much as possible. Specifically, to request the amount to be deposited from the user, to see what part of the amount is deposited or to be deposited.

Another new functionality of Business Internet Bank is template reminder. Businesses often have fixed costs that they have to transfer on a regular basis. In order for the business not to have to re-fill the recipient's information every time, the Business Internet Bank has the option of creating a template. It is to these templates module that a reminder functionality has been added, which can be set both when creating an existing template and when creating a new one, depending on the date and frequency.