Tbilisi (GBC) - According to the financial report, LLC PSP Pharma received 683.8 million GEL as income in 2022. With this indicator, "PSP Pharma" is ahead of its direct competitor "Aversi Pharma" by 19%. On the other hand, last year, Aversი registered 576.1 million GEL as income, which was 14.5% more than the similar indicator of 2021. 

During the reporting period, the assets of "PSP-Pharma" increased by 10% to 509.4 million GEL. As for "Aversi" assets, it increased by 11.5% to 428.7 million GEL.

In addition, last year the profit margin of "PSP Pharma" was 30.5%, while the profit margin of Aversi stood at 28.5%.