Tbilisi (GBC) - According to the financial report, the income of the Partnership Fund in 2021 amounted to 1.7 billion GEL, which was 13.3% more compared to the same period of the last year.

Along with the increase in income, the company's operating expenses increased by 23.5% to 1.1 billion GEL.

Despite the increase in the main components, in 2021 the company paid 38.1% less profit tax.

During the reporting period, the assets of the partnership fund decreased by 2.3% to 4.5 billion GEL, and the capital increased by 10% to 1.6 billion GEL.

The fund was registered in 2011, 100% of its shares are owned by the state.

According to financial statements, the fund owns shares in the following companies:

JSC "Georgian Railways" and its subsidiaries; LLC Project; "Tbilisi Logistics Center" LLC and its subsidiaries; LLC "Black Sea Port"; LLC "Lagodekhi Trading Company"; "Rukhi Shopping Center" LLC; Georgia"; "Imereti Greenery" LLC; "Caucasus Clean Energy I" Limited Liability Partnership; "Industrial and Regional Development Company of Georgia" LLC; "Likani Residence" LLC; "Global Brand" LLC; "Infrastructural Development Partnership Company" LLC; LLC "Tsinandli Estates"; Gazelle Fund LP (Canada); Partnership Fund Green Development LLC and its subsidiaries; "East West Bridge" LLC; "Nenskra Hydro" LLC; "Caucasian SUS Heritage" LLC; "Nenskra" JSC; "Borjomi Likani International" JSC; "Georgian Natural Product" LLC; Peace Foundation for a Better Future (NCLE);

The partnership fund paid 3.4 million GEL salaries to top management in 2021 (2020 2.9 million), and the total salaries paid to employees amounted to 226.8 million GEL.

The executive director of the company is Davit Saganelidze.