Tbilisi (GBC) – Moscow City Hall has warned the organizers of adult-only evenings to ban their businesses and face liability for violating this rule. TV company "Dozhd" reports about this based on club Kinky Party. People held erotic evenings in this club.

"While our events have always complied with the law and created a safe environment for free expression, we have received a warning that any event that is sex-themed is not allowed," Kinky Party's Telegram channel said.

TV company "Dozhd" notes that the next closed evening was supposed to be held in Moscow on February 17, but the organizers have already canceled the event.

"Now we are holding the events in Georgia and we hope to meet in other countries as well", - say the organizers.

It is not clear in the statement whether they are already holding erotic evenings in Georgia, or if this is just a plan.