Tbilisi (GBC) - The National Competition Agency of Georgia has approved the planned concentration through the establishment of a joint venture by LLC "Zaza Gogotishvili" and LLC "CMC".

Concentration refers to the import/export of building materials, construction and architectural services markets.

In the process of studying the issue by the agency, the following circumstances were identified:

In 2021, 4132 companies operated in the construction market, and 1694 companies operated in the construction materials market, the market volume was 6.176 billion GEL and 5.547 billion GEL, respectively.

The market was evaluated at the level of Tbilisi and Batumi. In 2021, 2155 companies operated in the construction market in the capital, with a total turnover of GEL 4.103 billion. In the same market, in the center of Adjara, 554 companies operated - with a market volume of GEL 1,362 billion.


According to the agency's assessment, the market is low-concentrated both at the level of the country and the cities, and the creation of the planned joint venture will not have a significant impact on the market and it is compatible with the competitive environment.

A concentration is subject to prior notification to the Agency. In case of concentration bypassing the agency, a fine is determined - up to 5% of the company's financial turnover of the last year. The concentration assessment fee is 5000 GEL.

In 2022, the agency approved 6 concentrations. According to the data of 9 months of 2022, 15,395 concentrations were carried out in Georgia.