Tbilisi (GBC) - The State Procurement Agency announces a consolidated tender worth 7 million GEL.

The tender involves the printing of 1.7 million units of school books (the average price per book is 7 GEL). The books will be printed as school textbooks for grades 1 to 12, as well as extracurricular literature.

Acceptance of proposals in the tender starts on March 16 and continues until March 17 at 12:30.

According to the tender documents, school books should be branded and should include on-site delivery (handbook design and printing options).

The bidder participating in the tender should have the experience of supplying polygraphic products worth 2 million GEL in the last 2 years.

Manuals must be delivered in proper packaging. Textbooks should be packed in polyethylene packing material (strange-tape), the thickness of which should not be less than 23 microns and/or in hard, cardboard paper (which should not be easily damaged).