Tbilisi (GBC) - The volume of deposits in banking sector increased by 16% annually to 42.3 billion GEL. Of which, 18 billion is in national currency, while the rest is in foreign currency.

The share of USD in foreign currency deposits was 82.09%, and the share of EUR was 16.2% (L/Y - 83.3%; 15.3%). Deposit ratio increased to 42.7% (L/Y - 39.2%).

According to the NBG, deposits increased by 243 million in October (+0.58%m.m). However, term deposits decreased by the same amount (-243 million m.m).

In October, the average annual weighted market interest rate on term-deposits was 7.74%, including 11.3% on deposits in national currency and 0.96% on deposits in foreign currency. (01.22.2021 - 5.8%; 10.6%: 0.8%).


Banks with non-bank deposits (000 GEL) and paid %: