Tbilisi (GBC) - According to the financial statements of "Badagoni" JSC, the company's income increases by 24.5% to 47.8 million GEL in 2021, compared to pandemic 2020.

The company increases the sales value by 23.3% to 33.3 million GEL, therefore the company registers a total profit of 14.5 million GEL.

In 2021, Badagoni increases the salaries of employees by 24.3% and fixes 5 million GEL.

The company increases its capital to 31.3 million GEL, and its assets to 59.2 million GEL.

Badagoni was founded in 2003 and its activity is the production and sale of wine.

Badagoni was recorded in the top 5 wine exporting companies both for January-September 2022 and for the same period of 2021.

The five largest wine exporters for January-September 2022 look like this: SS Badagon; Bolero & Company Ltd.; GVMT Group LLC; Askaneli Brothers LLC; Dugladze Wine Company LLC.

The exporters of January-September 2021 looked like this: SS Badagon; JSC Tbilghvino; JSC Kotekhi-Gurjaani Wine Factory; Askaneli Brothers LLC; Kakhuri traditional winemaking LLC.