Tbilisi (GBC) - Boom Group entered the Georgian energy drink market in 2014, which is growing at an accelerating pace and currently owns 55% of the market. Boom Group is one of the largest and European enterprises in Georgia, producing a wide range of energy drinks of Georgian brands. The production process is carried out on the latest German equipment, which ensures the high quality of the workflow, where 9 million cans of drinks are prepared every month.

The drink is bottled from the raw materials of German Dieler and French Crystalco, which gives the company the opportunity to produce products that meet European standards.

Boom Group employs up to 130 employees and it is a priority for every team member to ensure that products are available daily to customers throughout Georgia.

“In “Basisbank” we found a team of professionals and a friendly atmosphere, which led to effective and successful cooperation. They understood the importance of the brand for Georgia and believed in our goals. Partnership with Basisbank helps us to develop in the market every day.

In the person of Basicbank, we have a reliable and reliable financial partner, with whom we will implement many interesting and successful projects in the future,” Besarion Urumashvili, Commercial Director of Boom Group.

“The energy drink market is growing not only in Georgia, but throughout the region. Boom Group has been able to take a leading position in such a competitive environment, where the world's energy drink brands are represented.

Noteworthy is that Bumi is a brand created in Georgia that has expanded beyond the Georgian market and is already sold in 18 export markets in the region.

Cooperation between Basisbank and Boom Group turned out to be quite effective. This is a fast growing company that develops with us every year and reaches new dimensions.

We are pleased to be a reliable financial partner of Boom Group and support it on its way to development.